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1 localhost commented Trackback

Good luck to all the EB interns this summer!

Matt - EB alumnus, Summer 2005

2 localhost commented Permalink

Is a similar blog going to be done for the European EB program?

3 localhost commented Trackback

Since Extreme Blue is a global program, I expect that we will have staff from each of the geographies contributing here, rather than having a blog for each.

Steve - Extreme Blue staff, Austin

4 localhost commented Trackback

Yes, g'luck to all you upcoming interns. Have a great and fun-filled summer.

Vinnie - EB alumnus, Sprint 2005, RTP

5 localhost commented Permalink

Thats a very nice laptop! So do all the Extreme Blue teams get the same one, or does the spec vary from country to country? Good luck to all the teams starting in June!

6 localhost commented Trackback

The spec will vary from country to country, the machine listed will be used in the US. Actually, 56 of the machines arrived in Austin on Friday, and were imaged over the weekend. :-)

Steve - Extreme Blue staff, Austin

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