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If you who wish to view raw data and further third party analysis of Prosper's performance you can check:

Links are included to all of the third-party data analysis sites that keep popping up, as well as other information cobbled together from various sources...
I've put a small amount of money into Prosper over the last year, and am pleased with its performance (roughly 17%, with an average loan age of 6 months or so - so, completely subject to change in the remaining 30 months - but "over the new-loan default hump" and trending OK).
As a lender, I'll say this: If you're considering lending there, I suggest you approach it with the idea that "selection" is the name of the game, and that you take some time to fully understand all of the intricacies of the Advanced Credit Data that Prosper provides for each borrower (and take special note that they use a proprietary & predictive Experian ScoreX Plus model, rather than a FICO-like product).

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