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1 localhost commented Permalink

Is ATF currently supports DOJO? The ATF.zip does not include dojo, the eclipse (3.1.2) ducumentation contains empty docs for dojo, no NEW>dojo j2ee project.Hertzel

2 localhost commented Permalink

Hello hertzel and welcome to the ETTK blog. The Dojo support is actually "in place", but outside issues delayed its inclusion in the ATF. I'm with you in wanting it added, and it could be surprisingly soon. You can read more about it in the ATF forums:http://www.alphaworks.ibm.com/tech/ajaxtk/forumJim Hsu

3 localhost commented Permalink

We've just updated the ATF to include Dojo support, however you still must download the toolkit separately as part of the install. There is a README file in the plugins/org.dojo.runtime_0.2.2 directory which tells you how to do this.Thanks for your patience.Adam PellerIBM Emerging Technologies

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