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1 localhost commented Permalink

Well, well, i can say that i'm a little bit annoyed by lotus notes, sametime as products. Security, is not an issue that demands so much resources.entire "pack" lotus notes+sametime , should not take more than 100Mb. However, you should always remember that if you have a resource does not mean that you should consume it.

Big Green, is nice as project and concept. "Let's make it green".
keep the good work.

2 localhost commented Permalink

Hi Karl,

Thanks for your input. I know there are other blogs that are more Lotus Notes and Sametime "-centric", so I'll try not to step on any toes. The desire for a more light-weight enterprise solution is certainly understandable and a feeling that I and other users share. I think the increased footprint is caused by including features such as a web browser, including a Java runtime, or including Eclipse.
Since this blog is more Web 2.0 and Mashup "-centric", I think it does make sense to have a somewhat larger solution if it supports features such as their composite applications. But it is certainly a trade-off any software architect must make between features and product size.
Best regards,-Jim

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