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1 AnthonyEnglish commented Permalink

I tried IE8 and Chrome on my Windows 7 PC, but as soon as I hit "Save As Draft" the body of the post gets wiped out. My only option is Firefox which, as you say, doesn't display paragraph spacing well, although they display nicely in the other two browsers.

I'll be really glad for your investigations, especially for someone like me who just wants to write simple posts without having to learn markups. My blog is AIX Down Under, and I'll be glad for any advice.

2 bobleah commented Permalink

Great observations! I'm the blog admin here on dW... and this drives me batty as well! I can tell you that our technical team is working with Lotus Connections to get this resolved. What I do to "fix" my blog entries is edit my blog in HTML mode and manually insert paragraph tags. BTW - I use FF....

3 Richard_Carter commented Permalink

Bob: funny, I actually didn't realize that was an HTML button until just now! I think I was mistaking it for an HR button so I didn't even try it.

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