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Comments (5)

1 bobleah commented Permalink

Good luck on your next semester at school... and thank you for this interesting blog, which I have enjoyed reading... and will continue to do so! BTW, I noticed the bouncing arrow immediately!

2 kczap commented Permalink

I feel your pain in regards to "one sided conversations". I enjoyed working with you this Summer. Good luck next semester!


3 ruterbo commented Permalink

Thanks for coming to work with us in developerWorks for the summer! We've learned a lot from you in a very short time -- the summer has just flown by! All the best to you at NC State. Maybe I'll see you on campus -- my daughter is finishing up her senior year there and we often meet for lunch at Bruegger's. Please keep in touch!

4 PeterYim commented Permalink

nice work, richard! Good luck with school!

5 thartric commented Permalink

Hey Richard, I've enjoyed having you across the hall and keeping up with your blog. Best of luck with the rest of school and hope to see you again! BTW, I noticed your bouncing arrow several posts ago -- nice touch.

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