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1 Breizo commented Permalink

Great news. When will the trial be available for download?

2 duffys commented Permalink

The updated trial is scheduled to go live on Thursday Oct 13. I will post once it is live.

3 minajewr commented Permalink

This is great news.

4 Breizo commented Permalink

I tried to download the new version, but the exe files refer to v300 while the title of the page is V3.5. The page dates from June. <br /> Do you have an updated release date? <br /> Thanks <br />

5 duffys commented Permalink

There has been a little delay in posting the exe files for 3.5. I will notify you as soon as they are posted.

6 duffys commented Permalink

The new 3.5 trial is now live you can download here :;S_TACT=109HE2CW&amp;S_CMP=eeblog