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1 rajeshvenkat commented Permalink

Excellent! My requirement is to draw multiple directional edges between the same two nodes, and have labels on these edges? Can I do that with this component? <br />

2 AdrianVasiliu commented Permalink

Yes, the product supports multiple directional edges between the same two nodes, and labels (or any decoration) on edges. You can refer for instance to the sample "Link Decorations" (samples/diagram/linkdecorations) which illustrates arrow and label decorations on edges. When multiple edges exist between the same pair of nodes, you typically need to use a graph (or link) layout algorithm such that the edges are nicely "bundled", that is displayed as a set of parallel shapes. You can try for instance the ShortLinkLayout class, with the multiple edge bundling feature enabled: shortLinkLayout.sameShapeForMultipleLinks = true. <div>&nbsp;</div> Hope this helps (and sorry for the long delay for answering).

3 WVoll commented Permalink

Ilog Elixir is a real great product. Having said that, the documentation and support is lacking. I need to make a simple diagram like the network monitor example without all th bells and whistles. I need to programaticly add a root node and then children nodes to it. Such as a cloud and its nodes. I need to have separate clouds with its nodes as well. I have spent many hours looking at the Network Monitor example I even got a stripped down version in my project. Problem is, none of the code is documented. I just need some simple examples. I am hoping this is the place to get help. My company just ordered the enterprise edition, this is a lot of money for little if no support. Please prove me wrong. --Thanks

4 AdrianVasiliu commented Permalink

Thanks for your feedback, and sorry for having noticed your comment so late. I strongly hope that you found your way for implementing your application. I also hope that the detailed documentation and numerous samples provided with Elixir Enterprise finally proved to be useful. <div>&nbsp;</div> To answer your question, the support for Elixir and Elixir Enterprise goes through the forums: <a href=""></a> . <br /> Additionally, for Elixir Enterprise, the regular IBM support channel is available. <div>&nbsp;</div> If there is anything we can do for helping you, please post your detailed question on the Forum or contact the IBM support channel. <br /> This also holds for any question you may still have about the Network Monitoring sample. Its source code does contain a number of comments, but if this is not enough just ask on the Forum or via the support.