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1 JoeCavanaugh commented Permalink

Hello, <div>&nbsp;</div> I found your article very interesting and was wondering if there will be a part 2. Otherwise, if you could post some links to sites that would continue what you have started here, it would be much appreciated. <br /> Thanks for the info!

2 cipresso commented Permalink

Hello Joe, <div>&nbsp;</div> Thank you for your interest! <div>&nbsp;</div> You may find more information on (zUnit), including the location of sample test case code, in the IBM Rational Developer System z V8.5 Information Center topic "z/OS Automated Unit Testing Framework (zUnit) overview" available at <div>&nbsp;</div> If you have any ideas of what would be helpful to see in a Part II to this topic, please do share them. <br />

3 JoeCavanaugh commented Permalink

I think a personal story helps explain the documentation better. I liked the references to Java (something I took a lot of classes on) before explaining the COBOL problems (the language I now code in, but didn't have a lot of classes on). A real life example, for me, is easier to relate to what I am trying to do, then I can use the excellent resource you gave me as the filler.