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1 bobo72 commented Permalink

good tutorial! <br /> where I can find more detailed information (some points here are missing) about this? <br />

2 HelenaCorelli commented Permalink

Hi @bobo72, if you need more information about WebSphere Application Sever, please, check this link: <div>&nbsp;</div> If you need more info about SmartCloud Control Desk, check this link: <div>&nbsp;</div> More information about high availability is coming soon. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks very much!

3 ZeyadElSherif commented Permalink

Dear Helena, <div>&nbsp;</div> Thank you for this nice Tutorial. <div>&nbsp;</div> I have followed your instructions, and when starting the cluster both nodes start successfully, however when testing to stop the first node and accessing SCCD/Maximo I get an error page. Any ideas what went wrong or where to start troubleshooting? <div>&nbsp;</div> Appreciate your feedback... <div>&nbsp;</div> Best Regards, <br /> Zeyad

4 CWMD_Emiliyan_Tsvetkov commented Permalink

This tutorial contains some missing items... <br /> Please add them... <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks <br />

5 HelenaCorelli commented Permalink

Hi @ZeyadElSherif! <div>&nbsp;</div> Did you try to restart the cluster after the configuration? For some reason, WAS fails at this point when you try this test at the first time.

6 maximo62 commented Permalink

Hello, <div>&nbsp;</div> I have a requirements to create cluster in which two maximo applications are running in <br /> each separate physical servers. <div>&nbsp;</div> The reason two maximo applications exist in each server is to allow users to have an <br /> option to select him to login with or with out providing user name &amp; password. <div>&nbsp;</div> How can i implement horizontal cluster with two phyiscal servers each with two separate Maximo Applications. <div>&nbsp;</div> Maximo ver <br /> Websphere

7 HelenaCorelli commented Permalink

Hi @maximo62 I don't know how to answer your question. Please, contact the WebSphere support team to help you with that. Thanks!

8 jefftkish commented Permalink

can you update this tutorial with steps 1-6 please? It appears to start at step 7.