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1 AliciaBarajas-PGE-Portland commented Permalink

When you preview the Survey, at the very bottom, there is a section that says the following: <div>&nbsp;</div> Your Company Name <br /> Your Address <br /> Your Address 2 <br /> Your City, State, Zip Code <div>&nbsp;</div> Where does this data get defined? It didn't give me the option of defining it anywhere during the creation of the survey and when I try to access the application via application designer, Maximo crashes on me so I am unable to export the application XML to see if that is where it gets modified.

2 mtt_stll commented Permalink

This link provides some more data; <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> Also, my browser also crashes on IE,... but is ok on Firefox when opening the app designer for surveys,... thanks,

3 Ray Mair commented Permalink

What version of Maximo has Survey Management capability and a Questions application?