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1 AnujSood commented Permalink

Hi there, <div>&nbsp;</div> thanks for the blog. I have few questions in regards to this post (or more generally on PAS) and I was hoping you can assist. <div>&nbsp;</div> When creating DB or Application pattern: <br /> (1) what happens to the default user ids - ie. Db2 -or- WAS. How do these products get installed under a specific user (or) can it be a service account linked to the directory (LDAP); <br /> (2) Can the pattern be created/defined such that every instance created will force the integration with LDAP for user authentication and role mgmt (where roles may be mapped to actual rights/permissions within the pattern/product say DB2); <br /> (3) does the Linux virtual server be made to integrate with LDAP? <br /> (4) how does the scenario of a single central DB cluster for multiple small applications work? ie. having a single HA DB2 cluster hosting and servicing data for multiple applications? <div>&nbsp;</div> cheers, <br /> AS