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1 thartric commented Permalink

I'm very interested in seeing the results of this exciting technology pilot!

2 PeterYim commented Permalink

Here is my take with no data to support my opinions. Most developers can read English in some ways. So unless they can't really follow, they would just read the original English documents and then look for the code snippets. They may use the translated docs to help on some paragraphs. But after all it's the code and diagrams developers care. Even if dW don't provide the translation widget, a developer would be smart enough to take the document url and run it thru some online translation engine to read the doc. From my experience, I usually find api and code documents written by Russians, Spanish and portuguese developers. What I would do is I would put the doc thru Google Translate and get the English version. It may not be perfect but I can make out what they were saying in context. After all, it's the code that developers care.

3 EiCoJ commented Permalink

For the translation, we always have concern about the quality. I think it depends on the contents and the context. <br /> Especially for technical contents like dW, the translation must consider the special technical terms. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thus the n.Fluent would be acceptable for dW Blogs, because the contents of blog would be more conversational rather than technical matters. However, I do not recommend to implement n.Fluent for dW articles and other technical contents. Because, as Peter wrote, the developers know some methods of translations if they need it. The method would be customized very much by each one with their preference. Thus we should not force n.Fluent usage on them.

4 bobleah commented Permalink

As a developer, I need enough translation to solve my problem at hand. What is "good enough"? It is enough translation to solve my problem... no more, no less. The artifact doesn't matter to me... could be an article, blog, or forum. If n.Fluent gives me a good enough translation to solve my problem, and complete my task, then it has reached the "good enough" bar.