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I am Looking at the websphere portal accelarator( Dashboard Industry domain Specific) When i belive is used with lotus active insightt V6.0 Any demos on the same would be greatly appreciated.

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Ans 1:<div>&nbsp;</div> I will colloborate the Workplace by :<div>&nbsp;</div> 1. Priortizing and Grouping together the Tasks by Priority.2. Minimum clicks to the Desired Outcome.<div>&nbsp;</div> Ans 2:<div>&nbsp;</div> Good.<div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> Pankaj Gavi9819838274Cognizant Technology Solutions.

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Ans 1<div>&nbsp;</div> Collaborate workplace for better results by integrating different application on single view.<div>&nbsp;</div> Ans 2:Good<div>&nbsp;</div> Vikram PrasadCognizant Tech. Solns.+91 9860966621

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Sametime would help make interaction much better and easy. Integration of different applications into Lotus Notes would be helpful in making things easier for the end users and in turn make acceptability of any technology much easier.<div>&nbsp;</div> I would rate this event to be Good.<div>&nbsp;</div>

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Incentivise the collabaration effort based on the organisation structure (pay or praise)<div>&nbsp;</div> Acknowledge the best collabaration efforts though public recognition<div>&nbsp;</div> Impliment though constant persiverance and processes having a proper feedback model in place

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1. Collbration Lotus Notes IDE, Client with Sametime Clint with Websphere portal<div>&nbsp;</div> 2. Excellent

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At Godrej Properties Limited, I am responsible for the entire IT System which includes IT maintenance and Security. Our affiliation with IBM has been concrete for many years now and my organisation and its employees are thoroughly satisfied with the technology IBM dishes out every year.We are currently using Lotus Domino 6.5 and are more than satisfied with the ease and simplicity it has brought to our organisation. It has made our organisation a much better place, smoother with regards to workflow and happy with regards to ease of use.We are in the planning stage of upgrading our Lotus Domino 6.5 to Lotus Domino 8.5. The various different products showcased in this event have really grabbed my attention and I would be getting in touch with Mr. Rishab Sharma for a first hand demonstration of the various products for our organisation.I would rate this event as Excellent.

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Integrating Web functions with Client-Server, allowing intranet weblike operations is the best thing to happen.New users can get a feel of the web quickly and the future will be an easier place.<div>&nbsp;</div> The event taking place today 4th March 2008 showcases the advances made and gives a roadmap to the future.<div>&nbsp;</div> tel: 23739017email: mpmartins1@rediffmail.com<div>&nbsp;</div> Computer Software Consultancy &amp; Edu. Servs.303, Mazgaon Towers21, Matarpacadi RoadMazgaon, Mumbai 400 010

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Better Bussiness opportunity can be achieved only by way of information technology.Whatever may be your bussiness you should have data,related to bussiness or services and analysing the data by scientific way i.e. past,present and future forecast by improving the quality of your product or service to your target audience i.e. customer.Ultimately company will run in long run process and period maintaining healthy relations with customer and will help company to expand vertically in turnover and also in profits.<div>&nbsp;</div> NAME:Ashok PaiORGANISATION:INTERNATIONAL COMPUTERSEMAIL:paiashok2001@yahoo.co.in

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I am here to know about the WCM, and I really found it to be very useful. After the session I got a better visibility about what exactly the WCM is all about and the ways to integrate with our existing portal integrate. One query still left that is I know that we have support of JSR 286 in WPS6.1, but the question is that do we have support of JSR 286 in RAD 7.0?<div>&nbsp;</div> FromAccenture Services Pvt.Ltd.9819039858

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