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I've enjoyed reading your blog this week. Like to request a discussion of relationship between SOA and cloud computing for a future entry(ies).

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$commentForm.contentIs Cloud a re-packed word for SaaS and virtualization concepts.The way I see it is that Cloud is a going to be a make of all existing concepts with SaaS and virtualization being the roots and internet being the link. So , I like the blog for its been very pragmatic.. especially the lines.."It requires many things that have existed for years but only now have developed to the point where we can achieve the power and flexibility that cloud computing offers."<div>&nbsp;</div> Will love to see more topics and lot more discussion over this increasingly heatingrecipe called Clouds.<div>&nbsp;</div> CheersSandeep.

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There is no doubt that clouds are the accumulation of existing service structures but as the sum it can be greater than the parts. The hardware and governance is a huge part of it. Virtualization provides the ability to componentize the enterprise into discreet distributables, SaaS provides the method for users to benefit, but the cloud also includes the flexibility in utilizing existing capacity in a fluid way. At first glance, it looks like cloud is an opportunity for SMB service providers, but in reality it will be the largest companies with the biggest resource and expertise pools that will best positioned to implement proper cloud solutions.

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