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1 RonTam commented Permalink

Great points Dustin. I agree with the notion there may be confusion between the 2 solutions (IWD and PureApplication System (PureAS)) but you've cleared that up. I also agree with you that the approach to determining the correct solution should be based on pains/problems with near and long term goals in mind. Although PureAS is conceptually new and the implementation "style" is different than what we are used to, we should see immediate benefits it could bring to an organization. Will probably require some new thinking from an IT folks perspective, a change from the business as usual approach and have a level of trust in these new Expert Integrated Systems. I mean who knows my systems better than me? The IT folks maintaining and managing it? :-) Maybe overtime we should trust that PureAS (and Expert Integrated Systems in general) can take that responsibility off your hands, because it can self manage. Maybe we are now dealing with "grown up" systems. ;-). Again another great entry by you Dustin!

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