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Comments (3)

1 Simon@uk.ibm.com commented Permalink

Great. Very exciting.
Cloud is certainly stimulating new relationships with new partners and relationships within cloud ecosystems that is driving opportunity and realising the value of cloud for everyone.

How will existing specialities be integrated this one Will investments in getting validations and certified be transferred to any cloud oriented specialities ? As well as ensuring there is not disjointed set of offerings can continuity be ensured?

2 JamesMoriarty commented Permalink

Fabulous news. We at Runaware would welcome the chance to be part of the IBM Cloud movement. Our experience in SaaS software enablement spans nearly twelve years and covers nearly 1000 products.

3 PhilClarkNiu commented Permalink

Hi Amy - I notice this hasnt been updated for a few months but am keen to understand how we can support IBM's intentions around the Cloud Builder strand specifically.

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