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Comments (2)

1 aix4admins commented Permalink

This is very useful...thanks!

2 SEYY_Babu_Chunduri commented Permalink

I was trying this on a VIO server (PS700) and it failed to show the parameter num_cmd_elems for all the 4 FC adapters. Also checked on a physical box but same output. Any clues here ? What's the warning in first line of command output referring to ?

(0)> vfcs
[kdb_read_mem] no real storage @ 7C7243A6E8630090
- - - -
server1(root):/> echo vfcs| kdb
WARNING: Version mismatch between unix file and command kdb
START END <name>
0000000000001000 00000000040E0000 start+000FD8
F00000002FF47600 F00000002FFDF9C0 __ublock+000000
000000002FF22FF4 000000002FF22FF8 environ+000000
000000002FF22FF8 000000002FF22FFC errno+000000
F1000F0A00000000 F1000F0A10000000 pvproc+000000
F1000F0A10000000 F1000F0A18000000 pvthread+000000
read vscsi_scsi_ptrs OK, ptr = 0x0
(0)> vfcs
[kdb_read_mem] no real storage @ 7C7243A6E8630090
(0)> server1(root):/></name>

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