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1 Peter Duguid commented Permalink

Is there an advantage to installing WebGUI 7.3.1 into TIP2.2? <br /> Are there fixes or performance/usability enhancements in TIP 2.2? <br /> Thanks!

2 JeffTownsend@IBM commented Permalink

There is no need to use TIP 2.2 unless integrating with another product that requires it, such as TBSM 6.1. <div>&nbsp;</div> Outside of that, there are performance improvements over 2.1 and it also contains support for 64-bit machines.

3 mtroitzsch commented Permalink

I'd see an interesting advantage of TIP 2.2 in the improved facilities for page creation and page layout. <div>&nbsp;</div> A question along with that: If I upgrade to TIP 2.2 - can I expect all TIP 2.1 functionality to word ? Specifically asking for tipcli Funtions Import/Export for Cloming a TIP. <br /> E.G.: Export from a TIP 2.1, Import into TIP 2.2 ? <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks, <br /> Michael

4 JeffTownsend@IBM commented Permalink

Export from a TIP 2.1 and import to a TIP 2.2 instance is possible. <div>&nbsp;</div> However, there are some product specific considerations when doing this. The following DeveloperWorks Wiki page contains details: <br />

5 Trefalgar commented Permalink

What are the odds of getting this information expanded to include ITNM and TBSM? It might turn it into more of a matrix, but for us poor users it's hard to figure out what will work with what, with regards to TIP ;)

6 JeffTownsend@IBM commented Permalink

There's a larger matrix available here: <br />

7 aleksmit commented Permalink

is there an updated matrix available? the latest one is from last November. Also, can you install a 32bit webGUI into 64bit TIP?

8 JeffTownsend@IBM commented Permalink

An updated matrix is being worked on. A 32 bit 7.3.1 can indeed be installed into a 64 bit TIP 2.2 instance.

9 mtroitzsch commented Permalink

Hi Jeff, <div>&nbsp;</div> this thread opens another question: <br /> In a pure WebGUI 7.3.1 TIP, the install is 32bit. <br /> Is there a supported way to migrate it to 64bit ? How would it work ? <div>&nbsp;</div> I think I had read something about this - but can't find it anymore. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks a lot, <br /> Michael

10 JeffTownsend@IBM commented Permalink

Yes, this will be supported in 7.4, but would be a side-by-side upgrade &amp; migration rather than in-place due to the change of architecture from 32 to 64 bits.