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1 mirani commented Permalink

Thank you Alex.This worked! <div>&nbsp;</div> I have another related question. When performing repeated calls to nco_postmsg some columns are not updated. For example: <div>&nbsp;</div> First call: <br /> nco_postmsg “Identifier='Test_server_1'” "Severity=4" "Summary='Failed to connect to server!'" "Type=1" "ErrorText='Error exception1...'" <div>&nbsp;</div> Second call: <br /> nco_postmsg “Identifier='Test_server_1'” "Severity=5" "Summary='Sever is down !'" "Type=1" "ErrorText='Error exception2...'" <div>&nbsp;</div> Severity,Summary,Tally are correctly updated for the alert but not the ErrorText. Is there a way to update other columns on the subsequent calls to nco_postmsg? <div>&nbsp;</div> Many Thanks!

2 AlexSimpson commented Permalink

Hi Mirani - In answer to your comment I would look at the deduplication trigger in the ObjectServer. You can see it in $OMNIHOME/etc/automation.sql. To add a new column to be updated during deduplication try adding <div>&nbsp;</div> set old.ErrorText = new.ErrorText; <div>&nbsp;</div> As with all modifications to the standard triggers it is best if you take a copy of the original trigger and create a new one with your changes in. Remember to disable the original trigger and enable the new one. Also it is good practice to create a trigger group to contain your new triggers so that they can be managed more effectively.