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It's very nice and useful tutorial, thank you very much for it:) <div>&nbsp;</div> I have tested it and everything worked perfect till I opened AEL from the map. <div>&nbsp;</div> I used following options for the action: <br /> - action "Active Event List" <br /> - target "_self" <br /> So the Active Event List stayed in the map portlet. <br /> When I executed that tool for event generating, nothing happened. <div>&nbsp;</div> Have you any idea why it doesn't work? <br /> I tried to look for some information, how do portleEvents work and I didn't find anything, that would help me. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thank you very much for your help. <br /> Kind regards, <br /> Jan

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Thanks for your comment Jan. <div>&nbsp;</div> The issue you are seeing is due to the fact that the above solution can only work using the AEL portlet to display the AEL (be it an AEL portlet in its own page, or an AEL portlet sharing a page with other portlets). The code of the script tool relies upon some functions within the AEL portlet (rather than the AEL applet) to be able to successfully execute. If you launch the AEL from a map, the AEL applet is displayed, but only within a normal HTML iframe, not within a new AEL portlet, and hence it no longer has access to the necessary functions. <div>&nbsp;</div> Best regards, <div>&nbsp;</div> Steve

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Thank you very much for very quick response. <div>&nbsp;</div> I would like to ask you, if exists any possibility how to open AEL portlet in the page from the map (if its own or sharing is not important). Because users would see as a bug if the tool would work in the one place and wouldn't work in some other place. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thank you very much for your help. <br /> Kind regards, <br /> Jan <div>&nbsp;</div>

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Hi Jan, <div>&nbsp;</div> Unfortunately I do not think there is a way to open the AEL portlet from a map because to do this would require use of Javascript in order to interact with TIP (in order to open a new TIP tab) and, as you know, there is no option which allows Javascript to be run when an active Map component is clicked. <div>&nbsp;</div> Don't forget that the tool which is being run here is not part of Web GUI - it is something that you or I have created ourselves. As such I don't think this could be considered to be a bug - it should just be made clear that the script tool I offered in this post is only intended to be run from the AEL portlet. <div>&nbsp;</div> One last point - as you are probably aware, there is a way to raise enhancement requests for IBM products. A quick look in the system reveals a request for the kind of thing you are looking for (;CR_ID=12663) so you may wish to log into the RFE site and vote on that enhancement. <div>&nbsp;</div> Hope that helps to clarify things. <div>&nbsp;</div> Best wishes, <div>&nbsp;</div> Steve <div>&nbsp;</div>

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Great post! Thanks! <div>&nbsp;</div> This is exactly the sort of examples I am looking for. Please keep them coming, and if possible, perhaps provide a summary of the useful object classes / methods you use in the TIP (or links where they are documented) so novices like me can learn by example. <div>&nbsp;</div> I have what is likely a novice question: When I tried this example, nothing happened. <div>&nbsp;</div> When I tried to find a log file that might point out if I made a typo or something I came up empty. <div>&nbsp;</div> Where should I look to try and debug why my script tool is not functioning? <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks! <br /> Scott

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Hi Scott, <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for your comments. <div>&nbsp;</div> Unfortunately I am not aware of any central place that documents the range of TIP events that may be used. Part of the reason for that is that the range would depend on exactly which products you have installed. The OMNIbus Web GUI admin guide does give an example of using a TIP event to update an AEL on the same page as another portlet ( but it does not provide details on all of the events which are built into TIP itself. It's a good point though - I will do some more research myself and post my findings in a future blog entry. Thanks for the suggestion! <div>&nbsp;</div> As to why your script tool is not working - you are right in that finding out is not especially easy! Since the script tool code is Javascript which runs in your web browser there is no log file which might show you errors (like there would be for Web GUI applets or server-side components). <div>&nbsp;</div> My suggestions for how to debug the issue would be : <br /> 1. Insert a number of "alert" functions within your script to monitor how far into the script the browser gets, and to echo out the values of any variables you are using <br /> 2. Use a browser plugin which can be used for Javascript debugging. The Firebug plugin for Firefox is one example. <div>&nbsp;</div> Regards, <div>&nbsp;</div> Steve

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Thank you very much for your advices and your time Steve. <div>&nbsp;</div> You are doing great job, please keep doing. <div>&nbsp;</div> Best regards, <br /> Jan

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Hi Scott, <div>&nbsp;</div> Following up on your comment about documenting other TIP action events... I have done some research and in fact there are not many more events that can be simply broadcast from a Web GUI tool other than those covered before. Here is the list I have: <div>&nbsp;</div> Lauching a new TIP tab: <br /> Covered above in this blog entry <div>&nbsp;</div> Updating the URL of a web widget in the same page - <br /> See <div>&nbsp;</div> Switching to an already-open tab in TIP - <br /> Uses the same parameters as the "launchPage" event <div>&nbsp;</div> Updated an AEL in the same page - <br /> Uses the same Web GUI related parameters as those covered in this blog entry: <br />

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Hi, <div>&nbsp;</div> thanks for this great tutorial. <div>&nbsp;</div> But I've problems with the AEL in InternetExplorer, if I execute this tool. <div>&nbsp;</div> I've tried the example from the tutorial. Everything works fine. The IFrame opens and shows me my site. OK, but if I want to switch back to AEL, the AEL restarts and I have to open my already selected filter. <div>&nbsp;</div> Someone with the same problem? <br /> In Firefox, everything works fine! <div>&nbsp;</div> My installed WebGUI Version: <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks in advance! <br /> Bernd <div>&nbsp;</div>

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Hi Bernd, <div>&nbsp;</div> This might just be standard TIP-functionality you are seeing. Try this: if you open an AEL from the TIP menu, then open something else (say, the User Roles page), then click back onto the AEL portlet - does the same thing happen ie. the AEL is re-created? <div>&nbsp;</div> I know there have been issues with portlets re-setting on tab re-activation. I am surprised it is okay on FF and not on IE but maybe that is the issue. I'm not sure that there is anyway you can workaround that issue. If it is a big problem you might be best to define your tools as a "URL" tool which will result in the new web page opening in a pop-up window, which would leave your AEL portlet open underneath. <div>&nbsp;</div> Regards <div>&nbsp;</div> Steve

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Hi Steve, <div>&nbsp;</div> thanks for your fast reply. <div>&nbsp;</div> I tried this now: <div>&nbsp;</div> Szenario A <br /> A.1 Open AEL from Menu <br /> A.2 Open an other Page from Menu (e.g. User Roles) <br /> A.3 Reopen the AEL Tab <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> Szenario B <br /> B.1 Open a Page from Menu (e.g. User Roles) <br /> B.2 Open AEL from Menu <br /> B.3 Reopen Page "User Roles" <br /> B.4 Reopen AEL Tab <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> In both cases, it works as expected: TIP only reopens the AEL - and does not restart the AEL. <div>&nbsp;</div> So this behavior occurs only, if i start a AEL Skript Tool, like described in this tutorial... and only in IE. <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> I can also not start a new window. I want to start the page "as part" of WebGUI... So this tutorial was exactly, what I was looking for... <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> I hope some can help me. Thanks.

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Hi Bernd, <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for the extra details. So, it seems the problem is quite specific to this exact situation. The re-creation of the AEL applet can happen in some circumstances depending on the state of the other HTML elements in the page, and different browsers will act in different ways, which would account for why this happens in IE but not FF. Right now I'm not sure there is much that can be done to workaround it - possibly this is a defect. It will be interesting to see if anyone else reading these posts has any ideas for you. <div>&nbsp;</div> Regards <div>&nbsp;</div> Steve