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1 kczap commented Permalink


Sounds like you could use a User Interface. :)

2 ChrisWard commented Permalink

It needs a user interface the same way a telco's central office (telephone exchange, for those of us in UK) needs a user interface. 30,000 telephone handsets works just fine for the CO.

It's infrastructure. It needs a 'value chain' of other businesses to get it into the hands of the consumer. IBM cannot make a profit at 'retail' doing things like selling phone calls at quarter-in-the-slot prices; but ATT can (or used to be able to).
Perhaps a government, or an enterprise, would want some of these things for their own use; they are amazing 'web-scale architecture' machine. But I suspect the opportunity is in carving it up and providing it to the 'quarter-in-the-slot' phone-call-making public, as and when they want to make that phone call. Or rent that movie. Or whatever other service you want to buy, that it can help provide.
We have these things. But we don't really know what to do with them, not yet. But we are learning.

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