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1 EmmanuelSchweitzer commented Permalink

Looking at the ownership of that rule, it is obvious it is not for business user use - hence a very technical rule. Adding BOM constructs to make this more user friendly could be an option but, as Adam very cleverly formulated it when we chatted, under the hood it's still option 1. <div>&nbsp;</div> If you added these initializations in a Rule Task, it would probably offset the cons you mention. <div>&nbsp;</div> That combination would have my favor. But if the maintenance is to be done by IT and the way the initialization is performed is not likely to change (a bit like the ruleflow), option 2 is also a valid one.

2 AlexCOZETTE commented Permalink

Personaly I do that in the Initial Action of the Ruleflow because I believe that this is pure technical stuff the business users do not need to see.