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Hi Brian, <div>&nbsp;</div> What a pitty that we don't use shared CPU pools so far (maybe in future). What confused me was the naming of your graphs. All of them have Shared Storage Pool as header instead of Shared CPU Pool. :) <div>&nbsp;</div> Cheers Sebastian

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Woops :) Fixed and re-posted. Thanks for the feedback.

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Hello Brain, <br /> Thanks for the above post. <div>&nbsp;</div> Recently we bought a CUOD code for memory and processors activated few cores and memory on the FRAME and some times we activate trial key for testing the load purpose but it will send a message to LPAR on the last day that your trial key needs activation and it will be very late for us to react. <br /> lscod commands did not tell how many days left. Is there a way that we can retrieve and send an email daily stating so many days or time left. <div>&nbsp;</div> can you please let me know regarding the same.