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2 blawson commented Permalink

Nice information Brian - how do I do this in AIX??? :)

3 brian_s commented Permalink

pSeries hardware/AIX is a little different when it comes to CPU cores/sockets. On these systems they never distinguish between cores/sockets. For example if you buy a 16 CPU p570 it won't have 16 different CPU sockets, it just means it is 16 cores on some number of sockets. <div>&nbsp;</div> You can see all the CPU details in AIX by running "lparstat -i" This will show the entitled CPU capacity, the online virtual CPU count, the SMT CPU mode, etc.

4 ccristina commented Permalink

easier to try that: <br /> dmidecode -t 4 |grep Thread # number or cpu listed as well by cat /proc/cpuinfo <br /> dmidecode -t 4 |grep CPU # number of physical CPU

5 35B1_Istvan_Toth commented Permalink

Instead of '|tr -d "\n" | sed s/physical/\\nphysical/g | grep -v ^$|' you can use a simpler '|paste - -|' filter.