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1 AlbertoPre commented Permalink

First of all, thanks for your blog. I find it very very useful. <br /> Regarding this article, there is one thing I´d like to remark. I suppose that all this is related to manage root cron, isn´t it? <br /> Every user has access to create and edit his own cron although it does not appear in the cron.allow or cron.deny <div>&nbsp;</div> Regards, <br /> Alberto <br />

2 brian_s commented Permalink

Alberto, this posting is about restricting users from cron. By default AIX has no cron.allow file and an empty cron.deny file which allows all users access to cron. But if these files are customized then users can be restricted from having cron access.

3 AlbertoPre commented Permalink

You´re right, I did't notice about the empty cron.deny file by default. <br /> Thanks again