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1 DaleKing commented Permalink

That's such a good idea! Looking forward to trying it out.

2 Z@LUK commented Permalink

Very nice!

3 frenger commented Permalink

Hi Brian, <div>&nbsp;</div> I can't count how much times when you reboot an VIO especially you fear that not all resources are available after the next profile activation. This deserves the scripting nobel price of the year! Lots of thanks! <br /> Cheers Sebastian

4 Tictac_NS commented Permalink

Thank-you very much for the script. It is something that has been on my "list" to write for a while. It will be very useful.

5 bszokolai commented Permalink

Hi Biran, <br /> This script is perfect. But on my hmc I get different value of Trunk priority between profile and current settings. Via graphic interface I get the same. Does someone know why? <br /> I would like to mention again the sciprt is really good and highly recommanded! :) <div>&nbsp;</div> Error that I can see: _#_ <br /> hscroot@hmct1:~&gt; lshwres -r virtualio --level lpar --rsubtype eth -m p1 -F "lpar_name/slot_num/ieee_virtual_eth/port_vlan_id/addl_vlan_ids/is_trunk/is_required"|grep vios2|grep 192 <br /> p1-vios2/192/1/5/749,794,800,803,804,813,820,888/_1_/0 <div>&nbsp;</div> hscroot@hmc1:~&gt; lssyscfg -r prof -m p1 -F "lpar_name,name,virtual_eth_adapters"|grep vios2 <br /> p1-vios2,default,"""192/1/5/749,794,800,803,804,813,820,888/_2_/0/ETHERNET0//all/none"" <div>&nbsp;</div> Sorry if this is not the right place to ask. :) <br /> Balázs <div>&nbsp;</div>

6 Torato commented Permalink

Hello Brian, You don't know how this save my life today!! This is script it's so wonderful!! I've download and now it's on my script folder to run always that I need! Thanks a lot men! <div>&nbsp;</div> I'll be sending this script to my friends (and co-workers) to everybody use this!!