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1 Jamesco commented Permalink

Bob, congratulations to our developerWorks CLOUD team and the various CLOUD teams across IBM on this exciting launch. It's great to see IBM's leadership with the first "enterprise cloud" directly targeted at our core audience. I agree the "smart" feature of feeding IBM learning engine with user feedback to refine this offering is very cool!

2 thartric commented Permalink

It's great to see this announcement and the drumbeat of activities around Cloud! Exciting!

3 AlexanderKlimov commented Permalink

This is great news, thank you for sharing, Bob!

4 David_Salinas commented Permalink

Sweet..... great work by the dW Cloud team.... and its nice to see river of news functionality directly tied into the zone page... definitely should be a feature that is utilized more often at dW. Very nice.

5 bobleah commented Permalink

I really like the Cloud River of News... great way to see the activity around a subject like cloud...