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Great Blogging tips Bob -- thanks for sharing! <div>&nbsp;</div> Just curious on the Tagging appraoch -- as I noticed you have just the word "blog" as your only tag. Do you find that works best, or are you continuing to tweak the tag words?

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@ Tom - tagging is a subject I could devote a complete blog too... and really should. The quick answer is I typically start with 1 anchor tag, then add additional tags to fine tune the related blogs that show up in the Related widget. Tags is something we all take for granted, but a strong tagging strategy can result in far greater find-ability results for our followers.

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Ah.... another great update to the blog template. Its almost become expected that another iteration of the blog template will be available on a quarterly basis. : ) <div>&nbsp;</div> I really am glad to see the latest evolution of the tagging treatment to provide a quick and easily consumable visual indication of the trending. This is great and concise way to communicate, in a visually enticing manner, trending to the user. It would be really nice to see this design evolution applied across the site. <div>&nbsp;</div> Also, the "Links" feature is probably the most requested customization there is for those that adopt the blogging template. So, you have just made a lot of folks very happy. <div>&nbsp;</div> Now, we just need to make this blog template the default for our bloggers. Then, Bob... you may be able to retire. <br />

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@ David - thanks for the kind words! I'm excited about the prospect that trending holds for our bloggers and the site. Navigation through trending keywords is a great way to naturally let popular topics gain focus. With luck (and some hard work!), we should find this treatment reaching other areas of our site soon.

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Very good tips. Am I missing a simple mechanism that already exists for embedding files? I would like, for example, to include a jar with sample code ... right now, I can do so ... but is is not intuitive to the reader how to actually get the files. Since I'm just getting started, I plan to follow as many of these tips starting now as possible. I feel no need to fall into each ditch personally.

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@ MikeC711 - For downloadable files or other large artifacts, like zipped up code examples. I use the developerWorks Files application (located under the Community tab in the masthead). I upload my artifacts to Files, then simply link to them in my blog post. To actually embed an artifact into my blog post, such as a video, toggle your blog editor into HTML mode, by clicking the 1st icon (h) on the editor toolbar. Once in HTML mode you can paste in a embed or iFrame.

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Bob, this is much cleaner and easy to update. Thanks for the easy to follow, step by step instructions.

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@ Tom_Helmer - thanks for the feedback Tom! Hopefully, with time, we can integrate this theme into our blogging system, which will really make this easy for our bloggers!

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Hi <div>&nbsp;</div> I might have missed something along the way. Although I think your template is great, I do not understand what to do with your occasional updates. I do I incorporate your latest changes into my blog without losing my customization? I should add here I am NOT an HTML or CSS person. A few of the things that happen are pretty much magic to me... (smile)... <div>&nbsp;</div> Here is how I am currently using your template... <br /> <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks again for making this available.. it's sure a lot nicer looking that the traditional developerWorks template for blogs. <div>&nbsp;</div> BTW, here are links to my external blogs also.. <br /> <br /> <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks again... <br />

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@ Willie - keeping up with the blog template updates is completely optional on your part. Some stick to a certain level, while others like to keep to the latest. In the current version, I have tried to keep the customizations to a minimum, so most can upgrade, and add back their own unique touches in just a few minutes. In the end, its totally up to you to choose when to upgrade or stick with what you have. Enjoy!