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1 PeterYim commented Permalink

This is nice, bob. Now, we don't have to use cookies to store stuff on browsers. However, it's like cookies. I have to use the same browser to retrieve the stuff I stored here. I wish there is a cross-browser storage standard somewhere so browsers would use a common place to store and retrieve data.

2 bobleah commented Permalink

@ peter - that would be nice... we should suggest this to W3C

3 RBollinger commented Permalink

It saddens me to see innovative techniques demonstrated with no regard for the actual technology being touted. The use of <center> and <font> tags along with table-based layout is counter-productive as a training example for a "progressive" Web technique. HTML 5 offers a lot of advancements and is built on years of hard work "undoing" the cowboy way that was Web development for so long. Web development standards and best practices have come a long way toward providing the proper tools and environment for building an enriched web experience for users. A development site that propagates antiquated methods in examples of "new" approaches sends the wrong message to newer developers or individuals trying to learn that this is the right way or an appropriate way to code for the new Web - I submit it is certainly not.

Thank you for taking the time and effort to provide the information and access to new ideas and approaches. but please be cautious in the presentation of that information lest your intended message be lost for lack of relevance.

4 bobleah commented Permalink

@ RBollinger - I did cut my teeth during the early days of the web... and fondly remember the announcement of the HTML2 specification, and the cutting edge TABLE element! Looks like I'm showing my age with my choice of what are now "dated" HTML elements. To be honest, my goal with this example is to demonstrate the API, the supporting HTML elements are there only to provide enough structure to make the API example meaningful. Still... your point is taken as intended... and thank you for the feedback!

5 Chuck_Byte_W commented Permalink

I find your API example straight forward, clean, and useful. Not here to learn about html coding practices or standards. Keep it about the API and simple! Any thoughts on Flash vs. h5?

6 bobleah commented Permalink

@ Chuck_Byte_W - thanks for the feedback! And yes... I will continue to keep the focus of my HTML5 blog entries on the API(s) itself vs. the surrounding markup elements or coding practices. As to Flash... and its future, I'm keeping an eye out for Apple's next move. Without a doubt, as HTML5 matures, it will encroach on a domain that up until now has been exclusively Flash. Fun times!

7 John Pisello commented Permalink

Sorry, Bob, but I have to agree with @RBollinger. Especially since your blog is focused on HTML5, you really should be taking more care to provide modern, relevant coding examples. Frankly, I think it's a copout to say you're "focusing on the API", as an excuse to ignore industry standard coding practices. This is IBM DeveloperWorks, and you're an IBM professional. IBM doesn't allow this kind of sloppy coding in its own web pages (I'm an IBM web developer, so I know whereof I speak). As professional web developers we should be promoting proper web development practices. <div>&nbsp;</div> @Chuck_Byte_W: keeping the coding "simple" doesn't mean "outdated". In fact, recent industry standard coding practices (especially around HTML5) tend to make the HTML code cleaner, simpler, and more elegant. There is no reason why this blog can't focus on HTML5 and the APIs while still promoting good coding practices.

8 bobleah commented Permalink

@ jpisello - OK... I will circle back with a nice CSS revision of the example! It is now on the "to do" list...

9 bobleah commented Permalink

@ jpisello @ RBollinger - I have updated the example.

10 Chuck_Byte_W commented Permalink

CSS hacks, CSS tricks, CSS cheats, this is what saddens me. Despite reality the CSS snobs repudiate all things not CSS. Give it a rest fellas.