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1 BilalJaffery commented Permalink

Social is where it's at. This reward further allows us to understand the benefits of the Socially aware organization and the fact that it is working and will work for the Web 3.0. <br />

2 kellypuffs commented Permalink

whoo HOO! Congratulations all around. Rational Client Support depends on developerWorks and Connections as key ingredients to our clients' success. <div>&nbsp;</div> Knowledge sharing rocks!

3 bobleah commented Permalink

@ Bilal - agreed... business is only at the beginning stages of a large transformation... one that will truly connect an organization with its clients, partners, and its own employees.

4 bobleah commented Permalink

@ Kelly - Rational Client Support is a big part of the developerWorks success story... thanks much!

5 David_Salinas commented Permalink

This is a validation of IBM developerWorks' strategy and its vital role to assisting connecting people with IBM and critical content. CONGRATS IBM developerWorks.

6 bobleah commented Permalink

@ David - also a great validation of Lotus Connections... as a social enabling software platform for community...