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1 AndyBell comentou às Link permanente

does the gsk7cmd -certreq -recreate command create anything in the database to tie the gsk7cmd -cert -receive together like the gsk7cmd -cert -create does. The reason i asked is that i tried this method and the receive failed.

Cheers Andy

2 Belinda Fuller comentou às Link permanente

The "recreate" command uses the existing private key to create a certificate request file.

No entry is made in the key.kdb or key.rdb files. During the receive function, the private key will be found and should allow the receive function to proceed and complete correctly. If it does not, typically the cause is that the signer certificates used to sign the new certificate request are missing from the keystore. The new certificate request may have been signed by different signer certificates than those already installed in the keystore.

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