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1 liuyp commented Permalink

Very appreciate! This is what I need.
There are several scenarios listed, but none of them matches the specific requirement ias below:
It is not possible to create reasonable amount of shared accounts and add to vault pools regarding different privileged roles. Customer need a privileged identity scenario like: multiple users can simultaneously access a device via Putty with single sign on support by AccessAgent. But there is only one available account in that device so we can not use credential pool or only one credential to share with them. Is this scenario supported by PIM?

By SIM previous version 5.1 and TAMESSO 8.2, we can define a access role to share a specific credential of role owner to role members. We can define the relationship between service,role,account ID in the service form of TAMESSO service in SIM 5.1. Can we take advantage of new feature in PIM and support single sign on to users with the same credential at same time?

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