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1 kopper commented Permalink

waiting for the new SRA for SVC 6.3x <div>&nbsp;</div> please let me know at <div>&nbsp;</div> thanks a lot

2 anthonyv commented Permalink

As soon as it is available I will let you know.

3 M.B.H. commented Permalink

I hope the SRA for v6.3 gets out soon as customers are getting cranky &amp; hopefully it'll fix the data corruption problems when combined with VAAI (same for DS8000 &amp; XIV).

4 Shaun@AU commented Permalink

Now almost end of May, is there any news on v7000 SRA for fw 6.3 public version release date?

5 anthonyv commented Permalink

Hi Shaun. <div>&nbsp;</div> Read my new post here: <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> I don't have a date for the official release.

6 Shaun@AU commented Permalink

thanks anthony. do you know where one could find more info on configuring v7000 SRA for SRM? i missed the May storage tech series (Alexis), and ibm quickr site is not up to date with 2012 series slides. bought the srm5 book (mike laverick), guess what v7000 or SVC is not included! R2 / R3 policies, failback, non disruptive testing config can be bit complex if you have not done it before. are you able to write something on this?

7 anthonyv commented Permalink

Hi Shaun. <br /> Right now I don't have access to a lab, best to direct questions to Alexis. <br /> Hopefully I will be able to write something in the next few months, but not right now.