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1 skyron commented Permalink

Wow, those are some really antique machines! :P <br /> My first computer was actually a Pentium II, and I loved it!

2 seb_ commented Permalink

My first computer was an Atari 800XL. I told my parents I need it for homework but actually I only played games on it. The only things I ever programmed with it were: 1. A snake of slashes ( \/\/\/\ ) moving over the screen, 2. a system reset (okay that was actually more "painting" with symbols) and 3. a simple melody that the dot-matrix printer was "playing". Years later when I had PCs I put it on the street on a bulk garbage day and some kid from the neighborhood took it. Today I regret giving it away for free...

3 anthonyv commented Permalink

Thank you so much Seb! <br /> I laughed so much... because I related SO much to your comment. <br /> Your story so matches my own! <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for sharing.