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1 dkvello commented Permalink

Do You know what the holdup is here? <br /> The IBM_VAAIP_MODULE has been listed in the HCL on VMware for two weeks now, and the firmware has been out there for a month, yet there is no sign of the IBM_VAAIP_MODULE download anywhere.

2 anthonyv commented Permalink

Right now (at this very moment), you need to get the driver from your IBM TA or FTSS (or pre-sales person). I know this is annoying and it will change soon. <br /> When it actually appears on the download site, I will let you know. <br />

3 HHO commented Permalink

Can be found and downloaded here: <br />;query.product=ibm/Storage_Disk/XIV Storage System (2810, 2812)&amp;query.release=All&amp;query.platform=All&amp;source=SPE <br />