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1 skyron commented Permalink

Another option will be to use the Cisco MDS 9124, though it operates at 4Gbps, gives you an option of a redundant power supply, with the same no. of ports as a B24 :P <div>&nbsp;</div>

2 anthonyv commented Permalink

I agree that the MDS9124 is a valid alternative. <br /> Three comments though: <div>&nbsp;</div> 1) IBM by default sell the MDS9124 with only 1 power supply. You can dd the second power supply as an MES or request it at order time. So you still need to 'be awake' and ensure the second PS is actually ordered. <br /> 2) As you noted it is only 4 Gbps (which is not really a major issue, but I prefer to sell a future proofed switch). <br /> 3) It has limitations on BB credits which limit its ability to do long distance ISLs (of course Brocade has Extended Fabrics license which helps but costs money) <div>&nbsp;</div>