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1 Kussi commented Permalink

I have two monitors here and it is still not possible to move the gui to the second monitor. This effect came with GUI version 3.0 and i hoped they fix it with the new version. So is it just me who have this issue?

2 anthonyv commented Permalink

By bizarre coincidence I discovered the same issue on Friday while doing a demo. <br /> You can move it to the second monitor provided the window fits into the screen dimensions. <br /> If you maximize it then it moves back to the primary monitor. <br /> So shrink it and manually re-size it to get into the secondary monitor for now until a fix is released. <br /> I have reported this issue.

3 anthonyv commented Permalink

I got a response from the GUI developers. The fix for this issue is in version 3.1.0 (latest version right now is 3.0.1). So as soon as that release is available I will let you know. Until then please use the method I described (sizing within the window) to get the GUI into the second display (which is annoying but works).