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1 dkvello commented Permalink

The New DS3500 firmware with VAAI, ALUA, Diskpools etc has been released. <div>&nbsp;</div> Now, is something needed to enable VAAI ? <br /> What I mean is, in vSphere 4.1 You need device specific VAAI drivers (like the for XIV, SVC, V7000 etc). <br /> I can see no such drivers for the DS3500 together with the latest firmware downloads (and not on VMwares site etiher). <br /> Is this supported on vSphere 5 ?

2 soaDevArch commented Permalink

Kindly share the URL where I can get the Visio stencis fro IBM DataPower appliances <br /> 1) XI50 <br /> 2)XI50B <br /> 3) XS40 <br /> 4) XB62 etc <br /> Services: <br /> 1) MPGW <br /> 2) WSP <br /> 3) XMLFW <br /> 4) WAF <br /> Rules/Actionsetc: <br /> 1) Transform <br /> 2) Route <br /> 3) AAA <br /> 4) Encrypt/decrypt <br /> 5) sign etc <div>&nbsp;</div> It'd be a great help. I've looked up in visio cafe and didn't find any. <div>&nbsp;</div> THank You! <div>&nbsp;</div> Regards, <br /> Salla <div>&nbsp;</div>

3 avandewerdt commented Permalink

Hi Salla, suggest you talk to you IBM DataPower Rep... I am unsure myself where to get these from or whom to talk to.