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Hi Anthony, <br /> We were doing a iSCSI replication on XIV and faced the same issue with link. Your blog helped a lot, thanks. After modifying the MTU to 1500 (default was 4500), the link worked successfully. <div>&nbsp;</div> We noticed the replication is now always happening through one iSCSI port (We have configured iSCSI replication using two ports, one from each module). The link iw showing OK for both the iSCSI ports. <div>&nbsp;</div> We were using a ethernet HUB (100Mbps) instead of a switch. Can this be the reason behind only one port been used during the replication. <div>&nbsp;</div> Also we noticed the initial initialization is happening for one volume at a time (similar to the Data migration functioning of XIV) is it normal? <div>&nbsp;</div> Your expert opinion might give us some way forward. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks &amp; Regards, <br /> Vijay D

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Hi Vijay. <div>&nbsp;</div> The background initialization does indeed get done one volume at a time. This is normal (same as data migration). <br /> The use of only one link is not normal, it should load balance between the two. Suggest you place a service call.