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1 localhost commented Trackback

Scott,<div>&nbsp;</div> I am suprised that you used the term "team lead" as an analogy for the Scrum Master role. While it helps if the Scrum Master has a technical background, and can speak equally to process and engineering disciplines, the term team lead implies influence on the team, input on the daily work and often contribution to the working product. <div>&nbsp;</div> Good Scrum Masters in my experience are facilitators, and often a first among equals, architect, team lead is identified within the team or emerges after the storming, norming and forming cycle. This team lead partners with the Scrum Master to provide leadership, but I see them as different entities and roles altogether.<div>&nbsp;</div> Am I reading too much into your definiton of "team lead"?<div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks,<div>&nbsp;</div> Rick

2 ScottAmbler commented Permalink

Yes, you're reading too much into it. Team Leads don't necessarily need to be technical people (and as you see I didn't indicate that at all in the posting).

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