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1 localhost commented Permalink

This is an interesting and I think valuable approach to evaluate the on-going performance of a team, however just as you suggested in a related post, isn't there still an issue with using one team's metrics to evaluate another team's (future) performance? This would be particularly useful when introducing XP practices into an organization after piloting with a team. Acceleration measures the improvement of a team over past performance, however, unless I am missing something here, that (still) doesn't provide relative metrics of one team's absolute performance over another. Differences in development practices -- build, unit testing, tooling and frameworks (re)used, etc -- have a big impact here. Is there an aggregate metric that may take some of these into consideration, would not prove onerous to agile teams and that can meaningfully compare absolute performance, which you are considering or encountered?

2 localhost commented Permalink

This is quite useful metric to evaluate the productivity.<div>&nbsp;</div> One comment:Each sprint, compare current sprint velocity with previous 3(or 6) sprints' average velocity might be good to see this team's sprint performance.

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