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Hi Scott,<div>&nbsp;</div> thanks for the criteria for a "Disciplined Agile Team". I really like the analytical approach to this, as opposed to the evangelical styles of some authors. I expect this type of approach from IBM.Now, perhaps we could complement this with a similar style/article for what constitutes good candidate projects for agile implementation? My interest in this is that I find many clients with the view that they should do all of Agile or none. I see Agile practices more as a shopping list of best practices, with an underpinning of some mandatory practices such as iterative/incremental development. Perhaps a prioritised list of Agile techniques based on MoSCoW as in Requirements management would be good. Not all projects are web-based highly-interactive, and not all projects are high-risk. Most projects have combinations of issues and I feel that such a MoSCoW approach would fit well with the more considered approach of professional organizations such as IBM. If such a list came from yourselves then it would be be consistent with the above article and form a solid basis for proper method selection .. and a bit less of the Process Fundamentalism which starts to worry me.<div>&nbsp;</div> Once again, thanks for the very valuable contributions<div>&nbsp;</div> George Brookewww.oaklodgeconsulting.co.uk

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