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1 Emittim3@Sirius commented Permalink

Ran into the same issue on this. There have been several other issues I've had with latest/greatest patches from IBM - another blatant one that breaks PowerHA v5.5. Too many issues are being left in patch releases these days. Seems the QA and regression testing efforts at IBM have suffered greatly recently...

2 CezarAbellera commented Permalink

I ran into the same issue and restarting wont let me do a license -accept a getting an "Access to run command is not valid". <div>&nbsp;</div> Also I have a broken fileset stated: <br /> # lslpp -la ios.cli.rte <br /> Fileset Level State Description <br /> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- <br /> Path: /usr/lib/objrepos <br /> ios.cli.rte COMMITTED Virtual I/O Technologies <br /> BROKEN Virtual I/O Technologies <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> Does anyone know on how to fix this issue? (BTW I can login directly to vio server using root).

3 KVG commented Permalink

Yes you can fix it... <br /> Get your install media.. <br /> force overwrite this file set. <div>&nbsp;</div> ios.cli.rte <div>&nbsp;</div> then make sure all optical media is unloaded and your rep info is clean and clear <div>&nbsp;</div> rerun the update. It will go quick you have everything but ios.cli.rte <div>&nbsp;</div> follow the documentation readme for ensuring the vtopts are unloaded etc.. <div>&nbsp;</div> I have updated many vios to date each one has had its issues: <br /> Backup and document everything about your vios and partitioned env. <div>&nbsp;</div> I setup my vios to allow root to login in before starting these updates. close it down after. <br /> I make sure I have the ios.cli.rte fileset on the system. <br /> Unload all vtopt devices <br /> read the README start to finish before starting the updateios and follow the commands given. <div>&nbsp;</div>