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1600 AIX nodes!? *snicker* We have WAY more than that.

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I'll bite! we've got a "large" deployment from ISD developments perspective with one environment under ISD control at 10-12 frames and ~600 AIX LPARs across 2 HMC's. We've been working with ISD development since the 6.1 days. <div>&nbsp;</div> the first several attempts to manage the environment were nothing short of disastrous due to unexpected behavior around the number of lun's visible to our vios servers. We use a competitors disk array/mpio combo on vios which, tied to the fact that we zone lun's across all vios servers in a tier(for LPM) basically broke ISD's ability to collect inventory.. IBM worked closely with us to make some drastic performance enhancements to the way they collect inventory to resolve that problem and many, many other smaller issues we uncovered along the way. <div>&nbsp;</div> then we had some fairly big problems around how ISD performs firmware updates/expectations, again.. our advocate and development reps were fantastic in providing fixes for us, improving the UI for a more intuitive experience and ultimately made it the preferred way to do firmware maintenance. <div>&nbsp;</div> these days, our problems are mostly minor UI issues and inconsistencies with vmcontrol which make it an uphill battle on the perception front... In all fairness, we cause a lot of our own pain by using non IBM storage with IBM products. :D <br />