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We have just upgraded our p5 HMC to v7 and are having difficulties with the web interface related to Java and remote access. Using IE7 we can get to the HMC and login fine but when we click on any of the objects we are booted out of the session. If we use Firefox, everything seems to work with the exception of the terminal session which fails to launch and does not throw up an error.<div>&nbsp;</div> Local access to the hmc works fine. I have verified against all the web preqs for security, java, cookies etc.. and have tried this on both IE6 and IE7 but have the same results.<div>&nbsp;</div> I am going to be deploying our first p6 for a customer next month and would like to have some guidance on this issue.<div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks much.<div>&nbsp;</div> Rick Vannoy

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You might try pointing your browser to to see what version you're using. Click on "Do I Have Java?" and do the Install Verification. My IE and Firefox both use Sun Java JRE 1.6.0_01, and they're working fine. Make sure in the HMC Management section under Remote Command Execution and Remote Virtual Terminal that you have enabled access. The former deals with SSH access to the command line, and the latter relates to opening a virtual terminal from a browser session.

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Have a HMC managing 3 POWER5 servers, upgraded to v7 and can no longer access the HMC from a remote system. Is there any official documentation on using the new version? Can only find guides for v5 and v6.

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Check to see under HMC Management whether remote access is still turned on. During an upgrade, we have experienced that setting changing without warning. I presume you are using a browser in attempting remote access, since WebSM is not going to work with HMC V7. You can obtain documentation on the new interface at If you don't have a userid, you can quickly get one online. Then, go into the Library and click on POWER6 based processors. On the next page you'll find a listing of pdf files for POWER6 documentation, including the HMC installation guide and operations guide.<div>&nbsp;</div>