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1 cggibbo commented Permalink

Yes, I'm an AIX person. I'd be more than happy to fill in a 10 minute survey. Would like to see a lot more marketing from IBM focusing on the AIX OS. It's been virtually non-existent for many years. Other vendors make a lot more noise about their UNIX OS. It's time IBM did the same with AIX. <div>&nbsp;</div> Perhaps an AIX polo shirt would be a good idea as well? <div>&nbsp;</div> Cheers. <div>&nbsp;</div> Chris

2 Alex Teterkin commented Permalink

There is old Russian joke: <br /> Once upon a time, the Lion, the king of all animals, ordered everybody to split into two groups, he said: "Those who smart, go to the left, and those who beautiful, go to the right". <br /> All the animals went to the left or to the right, only one monkey was sitting in the center. <br /> Lion asked her angrily: "Why do you sit still?" And she replied: "What shal I do? I am both: smart and beautiful". <br /> P.S.: So I am like that monkey: I like both AIX and POWER7. :)

3 soos commented Permalink

"If IBM offered AIX logo pin badge, AIX stickers, AIX mug at a reasonable cost - would you buy one?" -- Yes, definitely. <div>&nbsp;</div> "Would you fill in a 10 minute questionnaire to help IBM work out which parts of AIX you actually use a lot and suggest any AIX improvements if we offered a free sticker in the post?" -- Even without the free sticker. But it would be nice :)

4 tclaret commented Permalink

I will, I will. For an AIX sticker...

5 Daniel_Loftus commented Permalink

Yes, i'd fill in a survey &amp; if there was a merchandise set - i'd have the lot! <div>&nbsp;</div> Cheers, <br /> Dan

6 eelco@ing commented Permalink

Does anyone else feel this way or am I sadly alone? -&gt; yes and no <div>&nbsp;</div> Put it another way would you spend two Dollar Euro Pounds (all increasingly worth about the same) on a AIX pin badge, AIX sticker, AIX mug or would prefer the same items but with just the POWER7 logo? -&gt;both <div>&nbsp;</div> Or do I need psychiatric help ... cards of a cheerful nature are welcome. -&gt; sure, me too btw, what's th address if the clinic? <div>&nbsp;</div> If IBM offered AIX logo pin badge, AIX stickers, AIX mug at a reasonable cost - would you buy one? <br /> No, only as free gift! <br />

7 fgd123 commented Permalink

I love AIX and would love IBM to price it equaly to the Linux alternativ so we could run even more instans.

8 Delgado commented Permalink

as for the questionnaire: do it please! <br /> and make the results available to the product manager or whoever can make decisions. <div>&nbsp;</div> Best Regards <br /> D. <br />

9 tony.evans commented Permalink

IBM's decision to stop marketing AIX hasn't gone unnoticed, more and more customers look at Linux and think, why would I run that on expensive pSeries hardware when I could run it on cheap hardware. They no longer think about running AIX on pSeries, because IBM doesn't push the benefits over Linux on pSeries. <div>&nbsp;</div> Without the benefits AIX, pSeries is expensive.

10 RichardBeatty commented Permalink

I am constantly surprised what my kids will do for stickers. Looks like they got it from me: Bring on the questionnaire!

11 exsnafu commented Permalink

I'm in the both category, more often lately though in life I find myself touting the hardware/hypervisor features/functionality more so than the OS. <div>&nbsp;</div> also, i'd fill out a questionnaire for nothing but if i did have to get a free gift, i'd rather it wasn't a sticker.. i don't have much use for stickers.. tshirts on the other hand.. well, who doesn't like geek clothing. <div>&nbsp;</div> I always complain to my IBM rep that they don't do enough with shirts.. of course, when HP brought us all pink polo's I kind of wished they hadn't.. so it's kind of a double edged sword

12 MattDulson commented Permalink

As the integration between the hardware, hypervisor/firmware and O/S is one of the key reasons why AIX beats it's competitors in my view, and makes my life easier on a daily basis then I guess I'd take the same path as the monkey and say both. Also, I work for peanuts. <div>&nbsp;</div> I would like an AIX sticker to put on my laptop, whether I had to buy it or do a short survey wouldn't bother me either way.

13 wojtek_z commented Permalink

A sticker on laptop will be good.

14 tbastia commented Permalink

I would fill in a survey. I have supported many versions of UNIX, and a quite few versions of Linux. AIX generally is simpler to support, and requires less outages. Some of the online activities I have done, I would never try with anything else without an outage. I think IBM should market both Linux on Power and AIX more. <br />

15 KrisGillespie commented Permalink

I find I'm more of a AIX guy and less of a POWER guy. Maybe it's also a bit of the mentality of people to try and associate themselves with large and powerful things. Saying you work on a 64 core system with 2TB of RAM sounds more impressive than you work with AIX. <div>&nbsp;</div> People can be funny like that. <div>&nbsp;</div> I think AIX should get out there some more, build some mindshare. Most everyone I talk to outside of my work but who are also geeks tend to think AIX is dying/dead and have no idea how prevalent it really is. <div>&nbsp;</div> As far as swag goes.....bring it.