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I have one question regarding WODM . And I was not sure to which forum i should put it so i am asking here.
In my project there is one requirement that i have to get the values from the data base and then on the value got from database , we have decision rule . So i am not sure how to get the value from database.
I am new to this tool so please help me out here.

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For discussion I recommend the JRules - General forum where a lot of users are already sharing their experiences.
I have sent an email to you developerWorks account with my suggestion, ODM does not provide out of the box support for database connection and you will have to implement your own. As a rule of thumb It is preferred to perform database operation outside of the rule execution to limit the impact on performances.

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Hi. I've never posted here before. I'm trying to find out information about JESESSIONID and LTPA2 tokens for WODM and WAS. Can someone help me?

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ODM does not do a lot with the JSESSIONID and LTPA2 those are handled by WAS. If you have specific issue or question use our forums and we will continue the conversation there:

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Thanks for the help. I thought that was going to be the case. I looked for a similar site for WAS, but can't find it. I'd appreciate it if you would point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance.

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John, this is the WAS forum hopefully they can help you there.