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I have two MQserver 7.5 using MQ active active cluster both having local queues without any use of Multi instance setup then how to use CCDT in WAS8. Can I point my WAS to configure two CCDT which was generated from both MQ server. Also like to know if my application is console based then how to export two MQCHLTAB which was generated on both MQ server.

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Hello Anis:
Thank you for your question.
A Connection Factory or an Activation Specification can only use a single CCDT file.
You could define one channel in the CCDT file for each of the target queue managers.
For example, CH1 for queue manager 1 and CH2 for queue manager 2.
If you want to have a certain level of connection balancing, you will need to alter the following attributes for the channels in the CCDT:
Using a Client Channel Definition Table (CCDT) in WebSphere MQ V7 for Queue Manager Groups
IBM Techdoc: 7020848
For more details, see in page 32:
Scenario 4 - Queue Manager Group: *QM1 (with leading asterisk)
If you would like to explore more in depth your scenario with WebSphere MQ Support, I would suggest to open an Service Request (SR) using this link: