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1 neekrish commented Permalink

Interesting blog ... Can you provide some links to setting up NFS also... and on a single machine without NFS can we have a Multi-instance qmgrs?
Infocenter link is leading to FTE... I think this is the link:
Neeraj Krishna

2 ValerieLampkin commented Permalink

@neekrish…. Hello, Thanks for the feedback. You are right – that was not the correct link and we have updated it. The link you provided is for iseries but we have updated the blog with the appropriate link for distributed platforms.

The System Administration Guide located in the WebSphere MQ Information Center includes information about requirements for shared file systems:
I am not sure I understand completely your question about having a multi-instance qmgrs on a single machine without NFS. The multi-instance configuration is designed to have two separate systems accessing the same QMGR data on a shared file system so that if failure occurs on one system, the other system can access the shared data and startup backup qmgr. Can you elaborate on what you may be trying to achieve with your proposed configuration?
WebSphere Technical Exchange (WSTE) webcasts are an excellent way to learn about MQ features. The Level 2 team lead Barry Robbins has a WSTE scheduled for next Wednesday which will cover high availability options and features for WMQ V7 on Unix platforms. He will discusses multi-instance queue managers as well as advanced high availability solutions.
Here is link if you are interested:
You can also view previously recorded WSTEs. Here is one that provides an introduction to multi-instance qmgrs:

3 neekrish commented Permalink

Thanks for response

4 3RHY_ANAND_KAMBLE commented Permalink

Excellent information can you provide something on MSCS and how to control qmnagers from it
how the failover works in active stand by machine .
We are implemting 2 MQ server environment on shared san disk with MSCS clustering can you give some links or indepth knowledge of MC how to build and troubleshoot if some issue comes like if failover does not happen properly

Any known isssues

5 SteveWebb commented Permalink

@3RHY_ANAND_KAMBLE - Thank you for the comment. We will take the input into consideration for future blog topics. However, the scope of your inquiry is beyond what we can address in a blog comment so I would encourage you to contact your IBM Marketing Rep for a possible services engagement to assist you with your MQ server implementation, and if you have Q&A support, you can submit a question through the SR tool if you have individual questions along the way. Thanks, Steve

6 gctaz commented Permalink

For a simple Proof of Technology can multi instance qmgr configuration be set up on a single server wothout the NFS?

7 ValerieLampkin commented Permalink

@ gctaz To successfully implement and test MQ multi-instance queue managers, you would need to have a shared file system.